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Talon Hills Development

Fort Worth, TX


Project Description

The scope of work included all horizontal development of a 56-acre/117 lot residential development project; earthwork, retaining walls, underground utilities, storm sewer system, sanitary sewer system, domestic water system, gas lines, electric service, telecommunication service, street and sidewalk paving, street lighting, roadway signage, common area landscape and sprinkler system, and manage the design and construction of the HOA Clubhouse, playground, and swimming pool.


VMG provided project management services that included; review the existing design and make technical, scheduling and budgeting recommendations, coordinate with owner’s civil engineer and the City of Fort Worth to finalize construction drawings, manage the CFA process, entitlements, manage competitive bidding of the project scope, coordinate the execution of contract documents between contractors and the city, franchise utility coordination, manage construction and deliverables through substantial completion of the development of the property.

Project Value: $4.3 Million 


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